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1. How to start a business services program.
          a. We provide a “how to” manual for starting a business services program
          b. We provide on site instruction
          c. We provide CU’s to speak with who have been through the start up phase

2. How to improve a business services program

          a. We review all facets of your current program
          b. We provide a written report including detailed recommendations
          c. We provide on site training
          d. We provide on going support to your credit union

3. We have MBL but want to add deposits and other business services
          a. We determine to what degree you want to expand your business offerings
          b. Based on your responses, we provide written recommendations how best to proceed.
          c. We are available to discuss options and variations of IBS recommendations
          d. We provide pricing assistance based your local market competition
          e. We provide on site training
          f. We provide ongoing support to your credit union

4. We have business loan and deposit services. What other services are available?

          a. We provide a high level presentation about the following services and why your credit           union may want to consider them.
                   i. ACH origination
                   ii. Remote deposit
                   iii. Merchant services – VISA, MasterCard, American Express
                   iv. Positive Pay
                   v. Online cash management
                   vi. Zero Balance Accounts
                   vii. Account Reconcilliation
                   viii. Business Credit Cards

5. The regulators have asked us to improve our administration of our MBL portfolio

          a. We provide a high level overview of what an effective loan administration program           looks like.
                    i. Why accurate risk rating is so important?
                    ii. MBL portfolio reporting
          1. New and renewed loan report
          2. MBL portfolio by collateral code
                    a. Over 30 different real estate collateral codes
          3. MBL portfolio by risk grade
          4. MBL portfolio by total exposure per member
          5. Exception item report (missing documentation)
          6. MBL portfolio past due reporting
          7. MBL upcoming maturity reporting
          8. MBL watch list, OREO, and non-accrual reporting

Whatever challenges your credit union faces in member business services, let us help you with advice from seasoned professionals who average over 25 years of experience in business services.