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Business Loans
        a. Quick review of loan request to determine viability
        b. Full financial analysis, spread of financial information, and loan recommendation
        c. Commercial real estate appraisal independent review
        d. Annual review of existing MBL portfolio
        e. MBL loan manual provided to CU, if needed

Business Loan Documents
        a. Loan documents generated from Harland Laser Pro software
                i. Compliance guarantee provided by Harland Laser Pro
                ii. Documents for every loan type
                iii. Documents for each State
                iv. Harland retains legal counsel in each State to review and advise on loan documents

Business Loan Servicing
IBS employs a loan servicing core system created specially to book and administer business loans, including SBA loans. Often, credit unions will not have the required business servicing modules with their existing core operating systems to accurately and administer business loans. Our business loan services include;
        1. Boarding closed business loans to the IBS core system
                a. Review of closed loan package for completeness and accuracy
                b. Billing business member
                        i. At no charge, we can ACH your business member’s payment from any financial                         institution selected
                        ii. Posting payments to IBS core system
                        iii. Remitting payments to credit union

        2. Monitor credit union’s MBL portfolio
                a. Track for suspense/exception items – recorded mortgages, UCC’s titles, etc
                b. Track for final title policy and review for appropriate lien position (real estate)
                c. Track for property and hazard insurance
                d. Track for borrower and guarantor financial statement update and reporting

        3. Provide MBL portfolio reports for credit union management
                a. MBL past due reports
                b. MBL new and renewed report
                c. MBL suspense (missing item) report
                d. MBL portfolio segmented by collateral type (point of emphasis by NCUA)
                e. MBL portfolio segmented by risk grade
                f. MBL upcoming loan maturity report
                g. MBL portfolio by fixed rate and variable rate
                h. MBL problem loan reports – watch list, non-accural, OREO, repossession
                i. MBL post charge off accounting – recoveries

Business Deposit Account Review and Recommendation
        1. Review existing business deposit accounts
                a. Make recommendations based on comparison to peer CU offerings
                        i. Account types
                        ii. Pricing
                        iii. Ancillary deposit account offerings for consideration

        2. Recommend deposit account types for credit unions new to business services
                a. Meet with management to discuss goals and objective of business deposit program
                b. Recommend business deposit account types based on management objectives and                 peer credit union offerings
                        i. Account types
                        ii. Pricing
                        iii. Ancillary deposit account offerings for consideration