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Innovative Business Solutions, LLC is a Member Business Services CUSO located in Ft. Mill, S.C. 

The company began operations in March of 2009 and recently completed its third full year of operations.  The impetus to form the CUSO was dissatisfaction several South Carolina credit unions had with a large, national MBL CUSO.  All the charter member credit unions felt their members deserved a far higher level of service than what was available in the marketplace.  Since there was no local option (North Carolina or South Carolina), after considerable due diligence, they elected to form their own CUSO.

After four and a half years, the CUSO has underwritten over $150,000,000 in member business loans.  With the economy making a slow recovery from the worst recession since the Great Depression, IBS credit union clients ask for thorough review of the member’s business loan requests in order to protect the institution’s loan portfolio.  To date, there has only been one event of delinquency (60 day notice) on loans recommended for approval by IBS. There has been no foreclosure, repossession, legal proceeding or loss to any client credit union. 

Innovative Business Solutions is a full service business services CUSO allowing credit unions to accept the entire range of services offered, or to select individual services from an ala carte menu.  IBS is a business service CUSO designed for  credit unions committed to a business service program, rather than offering a product, whether sufficient demand exists for the product or not. 

Member business services has the greatest potential to grow the membership and balance sheet of a credit union while contributing significantly to its income.  It is also a higher risk service than almost any other product or service generally offered by credit unions.

Innovative Business Solutions can provide your credit union with the professional experience and expertise to mitigate the risks associated with business services, especially for those credit unions with little or no experience.